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home inspector tony verbsky looking at an electrical panel


The Process

Step 1: Click Book an Appointment by selecting 8:30 am, 12 PM, or 3:30 pm.


Step 2: Set-up an account to access my client portal.


Step 3: Select Services and enter client information, realtor information, and property information. Then submit!  Note: If you are unsure about your service selection do not worry as I will be giving you a personal call to ensure that you understand the process and the services available.

Step 4: Receive a call from me, Anthony Verbsky of A+ Home Inspection, to discuss your selected services.


Step 5: Confirmation will be sent to you via email that your inspection is good to go! 

Step 6: I will send an email out with a required inspection agreement form that needs to be signed in your HomeGuage Client Portal. Read the document and sign it before the inspection as I can not perform inspection without the document being signed.

Step 7: I will send an email out with payment information.  I prefer that you pay through your HomeGuage Client Portal via charge or debit card.  I do accept other forms of payment: Zelle, Venmo, check, and cash but you will need to call or text me so that it gets documented. All payments need to be made before the report is sent out to you and your realtor.

Step 8: Receive Report via your HomeGuage Portal.

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